The Presence Of Your Spirit Lord  (Dovetail  DOVE 6)  1974  UK *





A continuation of the restful style of his first album, with Len on Acoustic guitar.  John Pantry returns on keyboards as does Gwen Murray on backing vocals.  Other instruments include steel guitar and string synthesizer.  ‘You Can Know’ is a moving solemn ballad with an interesting effect that sounds like a guitar or keyboard recorded backwards.  Eleven original songs, one co-written with Gwen.  Says on the back that Len was converted from “the hippie drug-oriented subculture’.  Released in the US in 1975 on the Impact label (R3378).    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).





Song #Song TitleTime
1-1The Ark3:28
1-2Not My Own3:43
1-3Only A Prayer Away3:56
1-4That Day2:29
1-5You Can Know4:42
2-1Come With Us2:19
2-2Watch And Pray3:38
2-3Walk With Jesus2:52
2-4The Voice Of Jesus4:03
2-5The Day Will Come3:46
2-6It's The Presence Of Your Spirit2:02