The Last Days (Crusade Enterprises  LP 487) 1972


Last Days, The

Another required co-ed folk and rock custom lp, this one outta Texas.  Typically a gentle acoustic sound, quiet dreamy moods supplemented with piano and flute, but also a few hard-rocking surprises.  Probably the frailest male lead singer you’ll ever hear, bringing an aching earnest heartfelt real-people charm to songs like ‘Weeping Willow’ and ‘I’ll Praise Him’.  Also nice female vocals taking the spotlight on the delicate ballads ‘2000 Years Ago’ and ‘Modern Day Prodigal Son’.  ‘His Love Is Real’ begins on a fragile note with soft edgy electric backing, then finishes with loud jolting garagy power chords.  Likewise ‘Only His Few’ fakes us out with its calm intro, then explodes into action with some seriously heavy riffage.  ‘Jesus Come Into My Life’ makes waves as well, folk rocking along to a crude plugged-in basement sound with groovy lead guitar.  Look for the sunset cover with a clock in the sky about to strike twelve.  (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

last days_s

last days_b

This one was on the Heavenly Grooves Site.


01. Jesus Loves You

02. 2000 Years Ago

03. His Love Is Real

04. Modern Day Prodigal Son

05. Jesus Come Into My Life

06. Only His Few

07. Plate Glass Window

08. Weeping Willow

09. I'll Praise Him

10. Daybreak