Beginnings  (no label  ES335)  1980?


Kingdom's Child - Beginnings


Pleasant textured mellow rock custom from Rockford, Illinois trio of Dave “Ace” Holsinger, Jeff Larson and Jodi Larson.  Soft and easy without being mushy, gentle melodies carried by airy male/female harmonies, delicate acoustic guitar and dreamy keyboards.  They toss in some noticeable electric guitar bite on livelier tracks like ‘Don’t Wait To See’, ‘Keep The Tower’ and ‘Song To The World’.  Nice graceful flowing groove on ‘How Much I Love You’ with fluid acoustic leads.  The kind of album you might find on the New Born label.   (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Kingdoms Child (Bck)


I have not acquired this album yet, but thank you Donald for the rear cover photo and the song list.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Don’t Wait To See
1-2Kingdom’s Child
1-5Psalm 139
2-1Keep The Tower
2-2Peaceful River
2-3How Much I Love You
2-4Song To The World