Drivin Too Fast (PRND  GCRS-1174)  1983


This is one of my favorite Jesus rock albums from the 80’s. Only six tracks on this mini LP, but where it lacks in size is made up for in sheer rock brilliance. The songs range from in your face funk rock with screaming guitars and vocoder effects in “DRIVIN TOO FAST”and Lots of wah-wah and fuzz galore in “NOT A CHANCE IN HELL”. The third track “WRONG BAND” is a fast paced rock song and “THE EASIEST ANSWER” has a Jamaican rock feel to it with more great guitar work. The last two songs slow things down a little with “WITHIN THE WILD” which is a nice acoustic ballad with harmonizing vocals. Last, but not least is, “CLEAR DECEPTION”, with it’s light jazz rock style. Super production and musicianship throughout with great cover art. STUPENDOUS !

I am not sure who wrote the review, I found it on the Christ Wings blog.     diakoneo






01 Everlasting Son
02 Be My Friend
03 God’s Gift
04 Empty My Vessel
05 Be My People
06 Share a Little Bit of Your Love
07 Silence of My Mind
08 He Paid a Debt-Amazing Grace
09 My Beloved
10 Jesus is my Name
11 An Invitation