Whisper  (Crusade  LP 808)  1976


Shelburn, Jerry - Whisper


Interesting primitive folk/country/rock do-it-yourself thing from Crete, Illinois singer, guitarist and songwriter.  Jerry’s vocals can be a bit wild and off-key, at times coming across like a Neil Young that’s perhaps had one too many.  Backing that voice is a fairly competent rural mix of acoustic and electric guitars, organ, piano, bass and drums.  The music can sometimes have a Neil Young flavor as well, especially ‘Love, Love In The Air’ and his rendition of Karen Lafferty’s ‘Bird In A Golden Sky’.  Other covers include Lamb (‘Who Will You Blame?’) and Paul Clark (‘We’ll Soon Be Going Home’).  Also seven originals written by Jerry.  Homegrown strings on a couple tracks, the rest left as is.      (The Archivist, 4th edition  by Ken Scott).



Sorry I have not located this album yet.