Because We Are His (Light  LCS-503LP)  1974







His - Because We Are His






The first thing that catches your eye about this 15-person youth outfit is their garb: striped pants for the guys, red blouses and blue miniskirts for the girls, plus colorful polka dot kerchiefs and sashes. Musically they’ve got a fun home grown electric sunshine folk/pop thing going on that’s right in step with the whole Ralph Carmichael teen scene, but with an occasional surprising edge that transcends their outfits. Some familiar covers, including ‘He’s Everything To Me’, ‘The New 23rd’ and ‘This Little Light Of Mine’. ‘He’s There’ is a nice moody acoustic track featuring just a couple of the singers, while ‘Two Open Doors’ strums along to a catchy jangly ‘60s-ish pop melody. ‘Sweet Salvation’ is the album’s stand-out, a male solo track with cool basement electric guitar leads and a spirited garage folk-rock groove ala Holy Ghost Reception Committee #9. Closes with an energetic rock-n-roll hand-clapper called ‘God’s Family’. Only a handful of lesser piano or acappella things. From a place called His Place in Goldendale, Washington. Released on a custom branch of the Light label.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).








His - Because (Lbl 1)


His - Because (Lbl 2)


His - Because (Bck)







This one was on the Heavenly Grooves Site.  Thank you Donald for the labels and rear cover photos.



Song #Song TitleTime
01This Little Light Of Mine1:36
02He's Everything to Me3:01
03Then Came Jesus2:15
04A Minute Won't Wait2:27
05He's There3:19
06God's Family3:38
07That They Will Be One2:13
08I'll Never Forget2:25
09Reach Out To Jesus2:42
10Sweet Salvation2:55
11Two Open Doors2:38
12The New 23rd1:49
13Medley: Right Now & Now Walk With God3:25