Join Hands, My Brothers  (World Library  WLSM-19-M)  1968?


Gregory Miller - Join (Fnt)


Another example of that stone-age priest-with-guitars folk style in this case the 14-person Greenwood Men’s Choir singing fifteen of Gregory Miller’s songs.  Generic unison vocals primitively backed by two acoustic guitars and a bass, comparable to things like Ray Repp’s Mass For Young Americas.  Needs some punch – maybe a pot of coffee at the recording session would have helped.   (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Gregory Miller - Join (Bck)



Sorry I have not acquired this album yet, but thank you Donald for the Song list also the Front and rear photos of the cover.



Side 1
 1. Join Hands, My Brothers
 2. The Lord Is My Shepherd
 3. Hunt For That Land
 4. Praise The Lord For He Is Good
 5. Song For Peace
 6. Lord, Accept This Humble Offering
 7. Oh, What A Mornin’

 Side 2
 1. All You People, Clap And Sing
 2. What Shall I Do
 3. Come Praise, Alleluia
 4. Glory Be To The father
 5. God of Love, Hear Our Prayer
 6. Raise Your Voice
 7. A Litany
 8. Song Of Praise