Cool Living Water (EMI Custom YRPX-1176) 1975? Australia *



Marvelous folk-rock private press from long-haired Australian band of Jesus freaks (four guys, one girl). Mostly an acoustic rock format (rhythm guitars, lead guitar, piano, bass, drums), often with folksy instrumentation that includes dobro, mandolin, banjo, honky-tonk saloon piano, congas, mouth harp, washboard and blues harp. Organ fills out and amplifies the sound on cuts like the title track, ‘Jesus Is My Friend’ and ‘Spirit Move Within Me’. Psychsters will immediately be drawn to the standout track ‘Broken Arrow’, a first-rate minor-key mind-bender clocking in at 6:36 with psychedelic organ, lengthy electric guitar jamming, and lyrics about letting God be your shield “so the devil’s dart is just a broken arrow”. Also attractive phased guitar decorating ‘We Can Make It With Jesus’. ‘Hear My Cry’, ‘Natural Man’ and ‘Help Me Get Back On My Feet Again’ are all suffused with unplugged rustic blues influences (and a faint glimmer of All Saved Freak Band). The band was part of Truth and Liberation Concern, a group that sought to break out of traditional Christian cultural containment into a New Testament, compassionate, Christ-like life style – like an Australian version of Jesus People USA. A very rare record from Australia’s EMI Custom label, also home to Kindekrist’s excellent Father Songs. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


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Song #Song TitleTime
01Hear My Cry4:05
02I'd Rather Have My Lord2:15
03Cool Living Water3:31
04Natural Man4:04
05On The Eve Of Returning Home3:57
06We Can Make It With Jesus
07Jesus Is My Friend3:19
08My Brother's Keeper3:16
09Broken Arrow6:40
10Help Me Get Back On My Feet Again3:47
11Spirit Move Within Me4:11