Direction (Emblem  JDR 346)  1973?




Late entry for the Emblem label, still just as primitive and low-budget as they were in the mid-‘60s. Direction plays crude electric country-folk, covering familiar material like ‘Teach Your Children’, ‘Help Me’, ‘Satisfied Mind’, ‘Why Me’ and ‘Just Before The Dawn’ (to the tune of ‘Snowbird’). The electric guitar work is fair, helping to offset the muddiness of the vocals. Occasional piano, steel guitar and cheesy organ in the background. One of the guys from the early beat group The Concords is in here (with a bit further receded hairline).     (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).





This one was on Heavenly Grooves.

01. Teach Your Children 

02. Help Me

03. Sure Do Need Him Now

04. Great Judgement Morning

05. Why Me

06. The World Needs

07. Just Before The Dawn

08. My Faith Is In You

09. Satisfied Mind

10. Hold On

11. One More Time