Walk These Streets  (Bridge  S2258)  1974


Alexander & Horn - Walk These Streets



Another scrumptious serving in the same dreamy acoustic folk/soft-rock format.  The title track with its weeping steel guitar lead is one of the prettiest songs you’ll ever hear.  The same can be said for ‘Can You Hear My Savior Call?’ and ‘Who Is This Man?’,  effectively backed with harpsichord and organ respectively.  Moog synthesizer also makes an appearance.  ‘I Turn To Jesus’ and ‘Psalm 151’ provide simple acoustic melodies, while the country angle returns for ‘Somethin’ Good Is Happenin’ To Me’ and ‘Turn Me Now’.  These guys really connect with me.   (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).



Sorry I have not acquired this album at this time.  Thank you Mr. Daad for the track list.



01 - Walk These Streets
 02 - Won't You Let Him In
 03 - What Have I Done For Him Today
 04 - Can You Hear My Savior Call
 05 - Somewhere Beyond
 06 - Somethin' Good Is Happenin' To Me
 07 - I Turn To Jesus
 08 - Tune Me Now
 09 - Psalm 151
 10 - Who Is This Man