Come My Friends  (World Library  WLSM-30-M)  1967?




In the tradition of Paul Quinlan’s Glory Bound, Daniel Kirkston has given us a very listenable album in the solemn Catholic folk style using only voice and classical guitar.  “The old plainsong never used the major mode – and Dan has used major keys in only two of these twelve selections.”  In place of ordinary strumming Dan displays some decent finger work.  Appealing voice, too, befitting of the genre.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).





I have not found this album.


Side 1

01. Come, My Friends

02. As You Live

03. Rejoice Now

04. Sing, My Brothers

05. Gather 'Round

06. Lord, Have Mercy

07. Holy, Holy, Holy

08. Lamb Of God

Side 2

01. Bring To This Table
02. Now As One

03. Live Christ

04. Who I Am