Holes In Time (CSS-300) 1979





A giant leap forward here as Craig adopts a tighter rock sound that’s right in step with albums like Mike Johnson’s The Velvet Prince. Holes In Time continues to conceptually deal with the themes of sin and redemption, specifically within the prison life context. As with Johnson’s early solo works there’s a variety of stylistic moods presented here. The guitar work is solid on rockers like ‘I Know You’ and ‘Use Me Lord’. I especially dug the hard classic rock jamming ‘Just Like Them’ and the fast-paced harmonica-wailing jive-talkin’ ‘Unique Individual’. Several fine softer-edged tracks with a nice moody atmosphere. Great cover art: a montage of a gun-firing criminal, a prisoner, a priest and a cross in garish lavenders and pinks with the look of those old Spire paperbacks. More or less brilliant I’d say. Followed by a 1983 lp It’s Raining All Over The World.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).





This one was on Heavenly Grooves.

01. What I Have to Do 

02. Unique Individual

03. Just Like Them

04. Holes in Time

05. I Know You

06. The Time Has Come

07. Thank You

08. Use Me Lord

09. Some Friends

10. He Paid A Debt


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