Footprints Of Jesus  (Crusade  LP 1129)  1979


Ash, Chuck - Footprints Of Jesus


Smooth play-it-safe country folk/MOR in the John Denver tradition.  Gentle songs with soft electric guitar, frequently overpowered by the string synthesizer.  Some ok tracks like ‘Sherry’s Song’, the boogie-ing baptism number ‘In Over My Head’ and the minor-key ‘We’re Supposed To Be Christians’ (where wah-wah guitar can be found). Includes a cover of Denver’s ‘I’m Sorry’, lyrically changed to ‘I’m Sorry I’ve Gone Astray’.   (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).




Sorry I have not acquired this album yet.



 1.   Footprints of Jesus
 2.   Sherry's song
 3.   He's coming
 4.   What can I do
 5.   In over my head
 6.   I cry Jesus
 7.   I'm sorry I've gone astray
 8.   I told you
 9.   We're supposed to be Christians
 10.  Someday

 Chuck Ash, vocals and rhythm guitar ; with instrumental acc.