Out Of The Darkness (Aslan ASL-101) 1979



Like those Paul Knapp & George Brundick albums, Chris Aridas’ Out Of The Darkness stands as an admirable example of the gentle melodic ‘70s Catholic folk style.  Homemade feel, with guitar, flute, bongos, piano, electric bass, tambourine and male/female vocals striking up that familiar sound, sometimes with a mysterious dreamy edge.  Chris is the guitarist and songwriter.  Subtitled Songs of Prayer and Worship, some of which are ‘Song Of Moses’, ‘Hear Me, Lord’, ‘The Canticle’, ‘Suffering Servant Song’ and ‘Jesus Meets The Blind Man’.  Locust Valley, NY address.  See also Whispers and Like The Dawn.  (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

Out Of The Darkness-back

This one was on the Heavenly Grooves Site.


01. Song Of Moses

02. Hear Me Lord

03. One More Time

04. The Lord Has Come

05. The Canticle

06. Someday

07. I Lifted My Eyes

08. Suffering Servant Song

09. Jesus Meets The Blind Man

10. Fear Me

11. Answer Me

12. Out Of The Darkness