Like The Dawn (Aslan ASL-103) 1980





Third straight winner for this New York custom label, following the excellent Out Of The Darkness (Chris Aridas) and Whispers.  Many of the same participants of those albums are involved here, including Chris Aridas, Pat Sexton and William Boecker, all of whom wrote the songs for this collection.  Like The Dawn features a diverse artful mixture of folk and rock styles, very similar to Whispers, alternating various male and female lead singers.  Many of the titles have an acoustic focus: the jangly upbeat opener ‘Resurrection Song’, the heartfelt singer/songwriter presence of ‘Your Love’s Too Good For Me’, the dreamy floating ‘Psalm 57’, the graceful 12-string mood of ‘Song Of Mary’, the ballad ‘Into Your Hands’ (lovely female vocals from Sara Lewis on the latter two).  Harmonica enhances the soft electric strum of ‘Little Closer’.  ‘With You (Psalm 73)’ begins as a beautiful piano/synth ballad, then shifts into heavier rock dynamics.  Also in the rock category are the title track and the slow bluesy ‘Depending On Your Love’ (nice electric guitar soloing).  Brass is tastefully and effectively used on a few songs.  A very talented team.  (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

This one was on the Heavenly Grooves Site.


01. Resurrection Song

02. Your Love's Forever

03. With You

04. Into Your Hands

05. Your Love's Too Good For Me

06. Depending On Your Love

07. Like The Dawn

08. Till I Love

09. Song Of Mary

10. Psalm 57

11. Little Closer

12. Amen