Reformation  (United Artist  UAS-6801)  1971



California Earthquake, The - Reformation



Away back when God’s popularity was occasionally leaking over into major labels, California Earthquake took the brass rock bull by the horns, combining the fervent soul of Blood, Sweat & Tears with some of the progressive hard rock crunch of Chicago’s debut.  The end results are indeed commendable and quite professional sounding.  The organ is hot, the lead guitar bristles with excitement and Roy Smith’s vocals burn with passion.  From the thunderous ‘Let There Be Light’  (which includes some cool psychy vocal echoes) to the symphonic art-rock instrumental ‘In The Beginning’ to the funk-groovin’ ‘Reformation ’71’, California Earthquake proudly shows that they got da power.  As with some other big-label spiritual projects of the day like the God Squad and The Electric Prunes’ Mass In F Minor, the overall vibe here seems more a mainstream Christian-themed experiment rather than a grassroots expression of the Jesus People.  Includes covers of ‘Put Your Hand In The Hand’, Billy Vera’s ‘The Bible Salesman’ and Leonard Cohen’s ‘Suzanne’.      (The Archivist, 4th edition  by Ken Scott).


California Earthquake (Bck)




01. In The Beginning

02. Let There Be Light

03. Who Is That Man

04. Friday 3 P.M.

05. Put Your Hand In The Hand

06. My God And I

07. Have You Read The Word

08. The Bible Salesman

09. Sally Go Down

10. Prelude To Suzanne

11 – Suzanne (Cohen)

12. Reformation ’71’