This Is The Morning (No label 91-51) 1976?





Bruce Copeland plays a number of instruments on this commendable custom lp, including acoustic and electric guitars, electric bass, percussion, drums, flute, Arp and moog synthesizers and Rhodes piano.  The only other participants are Claire Copeland on backing vocals and David Farlow on pedal steel guitar.  This Is The Morning has kind of a homemade Pat Terry Group sound, shifting in and out of quiet acoustic moods (‘Just A Simple Thought’, ‘Hear The Bells’), country soft rock (the title track), pastoral folk-rock (‘Early On Sunday’), dreamy flute/Arp ballads (‘Holy, Holy’) and finger-picked acoustic rock (‘The Love Never Ends’, ‘Let All The Praise Be For Jesus’).  Also a jazzy electric groove on ‘They Are People’ and creative synth usage on ‘It’s My Prayer’, ‘Friends’ and ‘Heal The Land’.  Most of the songs are gentle natured and have an acoustic emphasis.  All eleven titles composed by Bruce.  Housed in one of those standard ocean/sun/clouds photo covers.  Recorded in Waco, Texas.    (The Archivist, 4th edition  by Ken Scott).

This one was on the Heavenly Grooves Site.


01. This Is The Morning

02. Just A Simple Thought

03. Early On Sunday

04. Holy Holy

05. It’s My Prayer

06. Hear The Bells

07. The Love Never Ends

08. Friends

09. They Are People

10. Let All The Praise Be For Jesus

11. Heal The Land