Brothers with Marj Snyder (Discovery  5001)  1972



The “brothers” here are Rick Riso and Tony Sbrana, joined by folk singer Marj Snyder who contributed several fine solo albums in the ‘70s. This project is rockier than those efforts, though the styles here are quite varied. Side one is a “rock musical” about Old Testament characters. Their stories are told in “hip” language with a heavy dose of humor. Noah hopes his wife remembered seasick pills, Jonah sets out to have a “whale” of a time, and the serpent suggests to Eve that she needs some meat on her bones. Even includes a risqué ‘Shaving Cream’-ism (you know, where they almost say the rhyming naughty word). Styles include folk, acoustic, rock, blues (Job’s song of course), and jazz. Vocals are well-harmonized, kinda lazy, kicked back, cool. Colorful gatefold cover.      (The Archivist, 4th edition  by Ken Scott).




This one was on the Heavenly Grooves Site.



01. Adam And Eve

02. Serpent

03. The Right Way

04. Noah

05. Abraham And Sarah

06. The Message Of The Lord

07. Job

08. Jonah

09. Living Used To Be My Sin

10. Lucky Louie

11. Maybe If We Tried A Little Love

12. Ripe Old Age

13. Born To Die