Eight Days: A Personal Journey  (NewPax  NP33016)  1976



A decent yet strangely ignored progressive rock musical with all the desirable ingredients: hard rock guitar crunch, synthesizers, classic rock organ, symphonic, classical and acoustic passages. Perhaps people recognize that Roberts had a couple pop hits in the ’70s (‘Something’s Wrong With Me’, ‘Rocky’) and figure this is more of the same. Not true. And don’t let the “musical” tag throw you into thinking this is some Godspell takeoff – to me Eight Days comes off more as a conceptual album than a musical. No immediate comparisons come to mind though sections reminded me of The Barratt Band and Daniel Amos circa Horrendous Disc. I like this better than Cry 3 or Because I Am. An atypical release for this label.    (Ken Scott – The Archivist 4th edition)

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Side 1


1. The First Day

2. Once There Was Light


3. (Eight Days Theme) Who

4. Rain


5. Eight Days Theme (Overture)

6. Time Out/God I Need


Side 2


1. Eight Days Theme

2. Children (We’re All Children)


3. Eight Days Theme

4. The Mellow Song


5. (Eight Days Theme) Sadder Day