Here I Rest My Case (Dovetail  DOVE 7) 1975  UK *




The group bid adieu to the horns for this fine follow-up platter of melodic British rock, pop and melancholy ballads. Here I Rest My Case seems more cutting-edge than their debut, even though it’s not quite as rowdy overall. Still a couple heavyweight rockers in here: ‘Criticism’ and ‘The Problem Of Me’ both have impressive psych qualities courtesy of the organ and fuzz guitar interaction. ‘(Nobody Gives Me) Life Like You’ has some nice jingle-jangle electric guitar, while ‘The Leper’ recalls the ballads of The Beatles’ Rubber Soul era. Also an a cappella rendition of the hymn ‘Man Of Sorrows’. Saturated with groovy dated pop organ throughout. Somewhat of a concept album, presenting the claims and evidences of the Christian faith through song. Produced by John Pantry. See also Keith Howard & Friends, Live At Spree Album and the EP section.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).





This one was on the Heavenly Grooves Site.


01. (Nobody Gives Me) Life Like You

02. Criticism

03. Rolph's Song

04. The Leper

05. How Can I Be Sure

06. You Are My Music

07. Say One For Me

08. The Problem Of Me

09. Sunshine

10. Man Of Sorrows

11. (Why Not) Meet With Jesus

12. Here I Rest My Case