Limited edition of White Light – Parable CD’s available

I just noticed this post by John. I am adding it here and also adding it to My re-post of White Light on my site.

I recently recevied this email from Doug McRoberts of the band White Light:

Hi John –

Just thought I’d make contact and tell you I enjoyed reading Ken Scott’s review of my old band’s LP on your site (someone here told me they found you by googling “White Light Parable”. I also enjoyed the posted comments – the guy who said it sounded like it was made in a garage was right – it was made in a garage, in Paisley, Scotland, on an extremely low budget, but by a bunch of guys whose normal live performance was much bigger and louder than any of the other UK Christian bands of that era, complete with phased lighting, howlround, etc – but the garage gear wasn’t really up to recording it!

White Light were Glasgow-based, but played all over Scotland and northern England, from around 1970-74. I’m Doug McRoberts – I was lead guitar, one of the vocalists, and joint composer of the self-made stuff on the album. I’m now a 60 year old Church of Scotland minister in Malta, of all places… The rest of the band (my brother Dave on bass, David Murdoch on keyboards, and Alex Smith on drums) got together with me just once, four years ago, for a live reunion set onstage at a charity rockfest in my last parish, in Keith, which is midway between Inverness and Aberdeen in Northern Scotland. I’ll attach the news release and a pic of us onstage for your interest.

We took the opportunity to release “Parable” as a (very) limited edition CD – but please don’t take it off your download site; it was made to be heard!

I’m at, if anyone’s interested.

Like your site – blessings on you, brother!


Since I published this today I have been in correspondence with Doug McRoberts I have permission to add the below information which maybe of interest to some.

Randy –

Good to hear from you. I still have a few White Light CDs available; if anyone’s interested they should contact me at

But we’re also happy for you to make it available through the Ancient Star-Song website.

For your own interest (and possible posting on the site), I’ve attached the last bit of info we sent out when CD requests came in following John’s posting on Heavenly Grooves. Hope you enjoy it!

I’ve also attached a picture of me (on the left!) with the current Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, the Very Rev Albert Bogle – he’s a contemporary Christian rocker; he was rhythm guitarist and vocalist with a band called the Living Stones, also Glasgow-based in the late 60s – early 70s. We share a claim to fame – our bands were the only two Jesus rock bands to be banned from a popular Glasgow venue, the 428 Club, for being too loud…

Best wishes and blessings,


May 2012 041

Contact: Doug McRoberts [White Light] 00356 21415465

WHITE LIGHT… Resurrection rockin’…

In the 1970s they were Scotland’s top Gospel Hard Rock band – a four-piece who played to thousands across the country. Their 1974 LP “Parable” broke new ground with a complete mini-rock opera on one side. Scottish finalists in Melody Maker’s National Rock contest in ’72, they took Gospel Rock to new levels, with musical influences and material ranging from The Who and Deep Purple, to John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers and Ten Years After.

In the summer of 2005 – thirty years after – they came together for just one more live performance onstage at Keith Chaos Live, a 12-hour charity rockfest headlined by UK chart-toppers The Bluetones. Highlights of their show-opening set included “Spirit in the Sky” and the Who classic “The Seeker”.

Lead guitarist Doug McRoberts was then parish minister at Keith North Church, and, like the other members of the band – his brother Dave on bass, Alex Smith on drums, and David Murdoch on keyboards – has kept playing through the years.

It wasn’t exactly the Scottish equivalent of Status Quo launching Live Aid” says Doug, “and it was weird to be rocking onstage with a couple of our children who are now in their own bands out there in the audience – but it was good to be part of Keith Chaos Live, raising funds for the Keith Cancer Link charity – and it was great to play with the guys again!”

Keyboards player David Murdoch, a commercial valuer, now plays organ at West Kilbride Church, Ayrshire. Bassist Dave McRoberts (the face on the cover!), an elder at Pollokshields Church, Glasgow, is a mortgage adviser. Drummer Alex Smith is a computer programmer with international company Cap Gemini.

But for one sunny day in June ‘05, they were once again White Light.

And – for those who remember the band live in the 1970s, and for a generation who’ve never heard them at all – the resurrection of the band produced a limited-edition CD release of their groundbreaking 1974 LP “Parable”. It’s available from Malta, of all places, where Doug is now minister of St. Andrew’s International Scots Church.

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