Bennelong Session (Heaven  HRS 2077)  1974  Australia *



Top-notch live album featuring six different Australian artists performing before an audience at the Sydney Opera House Recording Studio. The band Kristopher opens the set with a good driving electric classic-rock statement called ‘The Trip’. Acoustic singer/songwriter Peter Campbell follows with ‘Only The Traces’ and the blues-pickin’ ‘Touching Me, Touching You’ (the studio version of the former can also be found on his excellent Of Time And Its Distance lp). The folk-singing duo of Ian and Sue Smith finish out side one with four charming acoustic pieces: ‘Giving Is The Receiving’, ‘Got Something On My Mind’, ‘Medley’ and ‘Jesus Is The Way’. There’s some fun conversation in there as well – all the more endearing because we all know that Australians have the coolest accents on the planet. They have a brilliant studio lp on the same label under the name Smith’s Comfort. Side two belongs solely to the guitar-wielding blues rockers. Ebenezer delivers a raw slow-n-heavy Vatten-like cut called ‘Sacrifice’ that clocks in at 7:42. A group called Maranatha continues with a slow 12-bar blues groove for ‘Get A Hang On Jesus’. Last up is Second Hand Blues, speeding up the tempo and adding some harmonica with ‘I Feel Something’, then closing with a tough hard-rocking nine-minute monster ‘How Does It Feel’ about the invalid healed at the pool of Bethesda. Gate-fold cover with wild splatter design on the front, pics of the bands on the inside. Lyric sheet included as well. Fifty-four minutes of Australia’s finest Jesus music. Some of these artists also appear on the similar Kairos Live! project from the same label.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

Bennelong Session (Bck)

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Song #Song TitleTime
1-1KRISTOPHER – The Trip3:45
1-2PETER CAMPBELL – Only The Traces4:46
1-3PETER CAMPBELL – Touching Me Touching You3:21
1-4IAN AND SUE SMITH – Giving Is The Receiving3:45
1-5IAN AND SUE SMITH – Got Something On My Mind2:39
1-6IAN AND SUE SMITH – Medley5:39
1-7IAN AND SUE SMITH – Jesus Is The Way4:09
2-1EBENEZER – Sacrifice7:47
2-2MARANATHA – Get A Hang On Jesus4:52
2-3SECOND HAND – I Feel Something3:47
2-4SECOND HAND – How Does It Feel8:40