Alive! (Key  KL002)  1969  UK *


Another excellent lp on the highly collectible Key label – this one a various artists studio compilation featuring five British artists. Best of the bunch is Whispers Of Truth, contributing four tracks and featuring a young Graham Kendrick. Kendrick would go on to release several excellent folk, poprock, and ultimately worship lps, but here he and his band were deep into the electric British Invasion rock sound. Hard to top the loud Yardbirds-ish energy of ‘Reality’ or psychy pop numbers like ‘Psychiatrist’ and ‘Sunday Afternoon With Emily’. All Things New delivers a couple of blues rockers plus a fun beat song ‘Jesus Is Coming Again’, complete with cheesy organ, baritone sax, fuzz guitar, flute, and trumpet, coming off as some kind of bizarre cheap Troggs/Madness clone. Acoustic folk is provided by the duo of Roger and Jan, and The Glorylanders contribute a pair of rousing, more traditional folk numbers (both groups have other full-length albums available). Rounded out by two impassioned poetry readings by Nigel Goodwin, including the original version of ‘First Time I Went To Church’ done in a strong Cockney accent while a church organ softly plays. You may be familiar with the version on Larry Norman’s Street Level. 45 glorious minutes of solidly British-sounding early Jesus music.  (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

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Song #Song TitleTime
1-1WHISPERS OF TRUTH -Psychiatrist3:11
1-2ROGER AND JAN - Ever Heard A Million People Cry3:03
1-3ALL THINGS NEW - Jesus Is Coming Again3:30
1-4GLORYLANDERS - Too Many Folks2:42
1-5WHISPERS OF TRUTH -Sunday Afternoon With Emily3:09
1-6ROGER AND JAN - And It’s You2:12
1-7NIGEL GOODWIN - The First Time I Went To Church6:53
2-1GLORYLANDERS - Moment Of Time2:16
2-2WHISPERS OF TRUTH -Ode To Arnold2:27
2-3ALL THINGS NEW - Show Me3:10
2-4NIGEL GOODWIN - Plastic World2:49
2-5WHISPERS OF TRUTH -Reality3:08
2-6ALL THINGS NEW - Ones Twos And Threes4:58
2-7ROGER AND JAN - Three Crosses3:13