Our Eyes Have Seen The King  (Kingsway  KMR 316)  1979  UK *


Selah - Our Eyes Have Seen The King


This British folk/praise outfit is probably gonna be too easy listening for most.  At their most interesting on a few Achor-like tracks, but more often the vibe is like a UK version of the early Maranatha Praise albums.  Pop sax and clarinet in spots.  Subtitled “Songs of Fellowship Volume Three”.   (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Selah (UK)R



01. Our Eyes Have Seen The King

02. The Lord Has Build Up Zion
03. O Lord You've Done Great Things
04. We'll Sing A New Song & The Kingdom Of This World
05. Behold A New Day
06. Ascribe To The Lord
07. Lord God Heavenly King
08. The Lord Reigns
09. I Will Extol You
10. Let Us Come And Worship