Crystal Clear  (Milk & Honey  MH1026)  1980


Sapphire - Crystal Clear


A surprisingly  fine entry from this typically way mellow label.  This is a crisp polished Seawind-ish jazz , rock and funk blend featuring female lead vocals and a solid dance pop groove.  Thankfully steers clear of the signature easy listening embellishments that seen to plague most of these project.  Several movers and shakers  giving room for Richard Souther and Hadley Hockensmith to cut loose on keyboards and lead guitar respectively.  Produced by Al Perkins and Richard Souther.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


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01. Straight And Narrow

02. Roots

03. Through Lookin’

04. Stand On The Promise

05. Seed Of Love

06. Calm Assurance

07. Sarah

08. Overture

09. Rain

10. Steppin’ Up

11. The Source