Don’t Give Up The Ship, 2nd version  (Century  44610)  1977



Apparently Runge liked the title to his first album so much he decided to use it again.  Although there are repeats of ‘The Ship’ (studio version this time)  and Bach’s ‘Corrente’, this is a completely different album.  Billed this time simply as Robin, he’s joined by Debra Edmon who provides vocals,  Yes-like keyboads and various percussion instruments.  Robin’s guitar arsenal is laid out in detail:  Gibson Heritage 12-string guitar,Guild 12-string, Guild D-44, Epiphone 6-string and Hernandez classical guitar.  Stylistically similar to the debut, again mostly instrumental with the exception of ‘Fairy Tales’ and ‘New Direction’, lyrics to which are printed on a large fold-out insert.  Side one is sub-titled The Days Of Noah and includes such titles as ‘The Building Of The Ark’ and ‘The Flood’.  Eight selections in all, housed in an attractive open-out cover.  A more or less magnificent work I’d say.  Followed by several less progressive but still nice ’80s albums.      (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



Thank you Donald for the song list.


Side 1
(The Days Of Noah)
1. Fairy Tales
2. The Builder Of The Ark
3. The Flood
4. Etude

Side 2
(Searching The Truth)
1. Corrente From Sonata II
2. Rare Earth
3. New Direction
4. The Ship