On Our Way Home (Profile  GMOR 166)  1978  UK *




Another endearing album of original folk songs on this rare and collectible label. Pete’s rather gravelly voice is not the most melodious on the planet, but it suits the folk style just fine, his thick accent like a cross between Ishmael and Cat Stevens. In contrast Sian (female) has a lovely delicate singing style. Musically their brand of folk is of the homegrown artful UK variety, sometimes performed with just 6- and 12-string guitar plus bass, as on ‘Goodbye Maisie Goodbye’, ‘Evensong’ and ‘We Climbed A Hill’. Other songs add in a bit of soft melodic piano accompaniment. Parts bring to mind the simple acoustic presence of Graham Kendrick’s Footsteps On The Sea. At their most hip there’s even a touch of Incredible String Band, especially ‘Spring Song’ with its sitar-like lead guitar. ‘Treacle Pudding And Custard’ and ‘I’m A Rock-And-Roll Singer (But I’m A Good Boy)’ are scruffy Ishmael-like tunes that bring some humor to the project. These folks were also involved on the intensely rare Cair Paravel album Some Other Morning.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).



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Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Morning’s Here1:41
1-2A Song You Can Sing3:45
1-3Goodbye Maisie Goodbye2:58
1-4Treacle Pudding And Custard2:04
1-6We Climbed A Hill3:49
1-7I’m A Rock And Roll Singer3:12
2-1Everyone Needs A Friend3:06
2-2Only Way Home3:22
2-3The Judge’s Story3:59
2-4Spring Song5:28
2-5However Far3:17
2-6Day Sinks1:42