Run Like a Deer (FEL  S-092)  1967



After two excellent folk lps and an appearance on Praise The Lord In Many Voices Part II, Paul Quinlan surfaced with a band and took aim at the “beat” sound or in his words “folk-rock psalms” – and man my feet are a-movin’! ‘O Praise The Lord’ swings with incredible cheesy go-go organ, while the snappy ‘60s pop of ‘Glory To God’ and ‘God Arises’ progresses with a cool beat and a touch of Beatles twang. Side two is more folk-oriented, performed in a trio format with much gusto, especially those Spanish-flavored tunes. A few songs are re-interpreted from earlier lps. A superb lp (my fave from the boy) with a nice homemade feel, plus it’s one of the first American albums to step out into more rockin’ territory. Great!   (The Archivist, 4th edition  by Ken Scott).

This one was on the Heavenly Grooves Site.


01. Lord You See Me (Ps 139)

02. Run Like A Dear (Ps 11)

03. Glory To God (Ps 122)

04. O Praise The Lord (Ps 150)

05. Glory To The Father (Ps 92)

06. God Arises (Ps 68)

07. Clap Your Hands (Ps 47)

08. The Lord Is My Shepherd (Ps 23)

09. Not To Us O Lord (Ps 115)

10. Come Let Us Sing (Ps 95)

11. Song Of Thanks (Ps 118)

12. Father Bless This Work (Jn 17)

13. Halay! When To God I Send A Plea (Ps 4)