Death into Life (Daylight  LD 5001)  1979  UK *

High-on-charm electric UK folkrock custom from British trio of Harry Pridmore, Tim Walker, and Ian Dent. One of those fragile melodic wonders that’s precious in its simplicity. Twelve self-written songs, all strong with excellent lead guitar throughout, both acoustic and electric (especially liked the jangly Beatlesque solo on the exuberant ‘Bought With A Price’). Ranges from bright upbeat songs (the title track, ‘Return To Me’, ‘New Eyes’) to dreamy melancholy soft-psych moods (‘When Doubts’) to acoustic ballads (‘I Care For You’, ‘You Are My Song’) to folky melodic tunes (‘You Cannot See Me’). Other songs: ‘I Just Don’t Know’, ‘For Loving Me’, ‘That’s The Way’ and ‘House Of The Lord’. Some 12-string, banjo, and mandolin. Gonna be tough to find with only 1000 pressed. Intriguing cover photo of sunlight shining down on tombstones. The group released a lesser self-titled second lp in 1982.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


This one was on the Heavenly Grooves blog.



01. Death Into Life

02. I Just Don’t Know

03. For Loving Me

04. When Doubts

05. I Care For You

06. House Of The Lord

07. You Cannot See Me

08. Return To Me

09. That’s The Way

10. Bought With A Rice

11. You Are My Song

12. New Eyes