People Who Walk in Light (Universal Audio  UAS 892-63004)  1974


Dreamy surreal folkrock moods coupled with underground electric homemade psych sounds give this excellent Arizona male/female group an atmosphere similar to Rebirth and The RFD. The opening ‘Jesus Never Was A Sinner’ is one of the heavier tracks with its garagy electric guitar and organ combination. Same deal with ‘Benjie Ducaine’. Quieter fragile folk/psych textures can be found on ‘Walk On The Water’, the title track and ‘Lullaby’, all with floating moody harmonies (beautiful violin on the latter). ‘Born Again’ plunks along with a relaxed banjo rural hippie attitude, while ‘Flight 647’ recalls the electric folkrock style of groups like Phoenix Sonshine and Parable. The harpsichord-backed ballad ‘Come’ takes me back to those early Children Of The Day albums. ‘Hey’ has an unusual slow quiet mysterious mood crafted by electric bass and flute, with lyrics like “looks like Armageddon coming”. Member Bernie Rolfe had a solo album in the early ‘80s and can also be found helping out on Glory Road’s Exit lp. Bernie and some of the others here also went on to be in the group Sonrise (the 1978 lp on the Hand In Hand label, see entry).    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

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01. Jesus Never Was A Sinner

02. Born Again

03. Benjie Ducaine

04. Walk On The Water

05. Flight 647

06. People Who Walk In Light

07. Lullaby

08. Hey

09. Come

10. Fruit Of The Spirit