Adriel (Flock Of God) (New World  NW-1004)  1973


Mission Street Salvation Band, The-Adriel-front

Had this one years ago, got rid of it like an idiot, and subsequently had to wait years to right my wrong. With piano at the center of their modest soft rock sound these six Oregon guys sometimes strike a mild resemblance to groups like Love Song, albeit with a much more custom feel. Can be difficult to approach on the surface, but deeper listens reveal some respectful attempts at an artful edge as well as a few nice underground electric angles, including some fuzz on ‘Living Lonely’. Includes a Verne Bullock boogie tune ‘Thunderin’ with twangy guitar. Self-written numbers include ‘Door At The Foot At The Cross’, ‘Raincoat For The Rain’, ‘Cry Me No Rivers’, ‘Adriel’, ‘Glorious Day’, ‘Praise For The Trials’, others. Not a huge thing but pleasant enough that I sure ain’t gonna let it go again.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

This one was on the Heavenly Grooves Site.


01. Door at the Foot of the Cross

02. Raincoat for the Rain

03. Living Lonely

04. Welcome Me Back

05. Cry Me No Rivers

06. Adriel

07. Glorious Day

08. Thunderin'

09. Praise for the Trials

10. Heart of God