For those who enjoy the rear album covers I have added these rear covers and some better front covers. These are complements of Donald. Thank you Donald.  I will add an additional list when I have added more. Enjoy!  diakoneo


Don Allis Back

Harvest – Harvest Bck

Ichthus Back

Dick Williams

Connie Belle Eaton – Back

Strings N Things Back

* Tetelestai – 1984 Back

Berakah Back

Frank Starr Fnt

Frank Starr Back

Isaac Air – My FNT

Isaac Air – My Bck

Isaac Air – Snooze Fnt

Isaac Air – Snooze Bck

Isaac Air – Foolish (Bck)

Isaac Air – In (Bck)

Isaac Air – Fun (Bck)

First Revelation – This Side (Houser Bck)

Theophilus – By His (Bck)

Shiloh – Before (Adriel Bck)

Jack Miffleton – Some Young (Bck)

Jack Miffleton – With Skins (Bck)

Concords – Soul Purpose (Bck)

Chip Stalnecker – Sonshine (Bck)

Sonfolk – Listen (Bck)

Harbour Light – Rebirth (Bck)

Father Tim Michell (Bck)
Contenders – Tell (Bck)
Joe Plaso (Bck)
Frankincense & Myrrh (Bck)
New Life – Giver Of (Bck)
Newbury Park – A Taste (CS Bck)
New Life – Luke (Bck)
* New Life – Softly (Bck)
Rick Painter – Harvest (Bck)
Barry McGuire – To The (Bck)
Barry McGuire – To The (Inside RT)
Barry McGuire – To The (Inside LF)
Carpenter’s Tools – (Bck)
Bill Comeau – Busy (Bck)
New Folk – Uprising Mono (Bck)
Reflection – Present (Bck)
Opal Star (Bck)
Joyful Noise-The Sounds Of (Bck)
Common Ground (Bck)
Randy Weiss – Munchy (Bck)
Dale & Russ – One (Bck)

Bob Summers – When (Bck)

Bill Greenwood – Reign On Me

Energy Pak – Answer (Bck)

Allison & Jill (Bck)

Randy Jenkins – He (Fnt)

Randy Jenkins – He (Bck)

Liberty – Carry (Bck)

L And C Band – Optimistic (Bck)

Truthsayers – Say (Bck)

Franciscus Henri – Lord (Bck)

Lois Buckley – Lois (Bck)

Cornerstone – No (Bck)

Paul Brecht – Listen (Bck)