Born Again (House  VV-6285)  1971

Messengers, The & Good News - Born Again

Born Again is an outstanding custom obscurity that showcases the talents of two excellent Jesus music groups from Vermont. Side one belongs to The Messengers, five longhaired chaps who time-warped their sound back to the UK psychedelic garage rock/beat scene circa 1966 and 1967. Man, these guys have got spunk! ‘Not Too Early’ opens with quick-paced jangling electric guitar, surging organ, heavy drums and Merseybeat harmonies – first listen I was absolutely convinced they were British (and it still wouldn’t surprise me if one or two of them actually were). All six tracks are strong, especially the powerful ‘The Right Way’ which opens on a two-note ‘For What It’s Worth’ kind of theme, then building to an explosion of ferocious in-your-face hard rock fuzz guitar. Side two features seven selections by the folk duo Good News. While obviously not as heavy as their buddies on the flip side, Wayne Harvey and David Trombley emerge as one of the better examples of the style, exemplifying much of the depth of Simon & Garfunkel’s acoustic work. Cover uses the same image of Christ as Agape’s Gospel Hard Rock. Eet’z a monstah!!!!!!      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

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01. Not Too Early

02. One Way

03. Everywhere You Go

04. The Right Way

05. Let Him In

06. The Other Side

07. There Comes A Time

08. Lonely People

09. Holy Joe

10. One Thirteen

11. Disciple Song

12. Ain’t It Nice

13. Here Today Gone Tomorrow