Carry Me Home  (Move  MS 3023)  1979  Australia *





Carry Me Home may be quieter overall than Father Songs, but it still most definitely has that edge. Good artsy folk-rock sound sometimes within a dreamy atmosphere. Moody male/female vocals and attractive mix of acoustic/electric guitars, organ and flute. Includes some mellow Parable-type ballads with electric piano. My favorite song is the hypnotic ‘Wonders’ coasting along to a trippy ethereal rhythm with a nice organ solo stretch reminiscent of Caravan. ‘Stoop Down’ has a catchy upbeat melody alongside its chorus of “Stoop down, tie up your brother’s bootlace”. Beautiful flute accompaniment and acoustic reverie to ‘Lullaby’. Striking cover shows a giant suspended-in-space see-through suitcase containing a portion of an earth landscape.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

In searching for a cover photo of this album I discovered another album by Kindekrist. The copy I saw for sale was a tape, the title being Even Stones Can Sing released in 1977.  Sorry if I miss spelled any ones name was not the clearest picture to try to read from.

This one was on the Heavenly Grooves blog.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Here I Stand 4:48
1-2Sweet Words 3:06
1-3Friday Morning2:59
1-4Midnight Dedication 3:59
1-5Two Together 3:23
2-1Since You Came 4:13
2-2Small As I Am 4:15
2-3Stoop Down 2:11
2-4Daddy I Love You 2:59
2-5Lullaby 3:26
2-6Carry Him Home 3:52


  • All songs by Robin Mann ; produced by Bob Allan &​ Kindekrist ; engineers, Bob Allan, Phil Kenihan, John Pryzibilla