Father Songs (EMI Custom  YPRX-1218)  1974  Australia *



Cutting edge Australian Jesus rock obscurity released on a custom branch of EMI records. Nice earthy home-made arrangements that don’t sound particularly Australian (not that I’d know what that is if I heard it) – more like the best of the US and UK home-grown hippie-angled endeavors. The five semi-long-haired guys and one girl of Kindekrist alternate male and female lead vocals while encompassing a variety of styles. The raw harmonica-wailing ‘Father’s Blues’ and the slow acoustic ‘Father Of The Evening’ both fit into the blues rock category. The minor-key Celtic-sounding ‘All At Sea’ and the a cappella madrigal ‘Come All You Good People’ each have a very distinctive British flavor more akin to groups like Parchment. While acoustic instrumentation is usually favored over electric, there also happens to be some good wah-wah guitar coupled with organ and harpsichord on the psych-edged ‘Follow’ and ‘Watch Out For The Wolf’ (the latter of which features some fun howwwwwwwling vocals). Filling in the remainder of the fourteen songs are some effective samplings of folk-rock, soft rock, ragtime and acoustic ballads. Excellent!    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


This one was on the Heavenly Grooves blog.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Hillside Gallows3:32
1-3Watch Out For The Wolf3:18
1-4Good News1:05
1-6Mr. Knight3:00
1-7You Can Fool Everybody2:56
2-1Father’s Blues4:02
2-2Father Of The Evening2:49
2-3All At Sea3:12
2-4Come All You Good People2:03
2-5The Lord’s Supper2:38
2-7Song for Kristin2:38
  • Kelvin Brown – piano, electric piano, organ ; Rod Jepsen – drums, percussion ; Dorothy Mann – vocals ; Robin Mann – vocals, guitars ; Doug Petherick -vocals, bass, banjo, harmonica ; John Pryzibilla -organ electric piano, piano, tambourine.