Angela (Profile  GMOR  005)  1974  UK *


No, it’s not me but a British acoustic singer/songwriter that just happens to share my name – so don’t accuse me of patting my own back when I recommend this album. Like early Mark Heard, Dennis Ryder, Dave Mattson and the like, Ken’s another one of those simple and gentle folksingers whose music is warm and appealing. String quartet backs the sorrowful ‘Surrender’ while soft organ accompanies the title track (a poem written to his daughter). Bass and drums build some folkrock edges around ‘Do You Want To Know’ and ‘How Can You Prove’. For purely acoustic moods, check out ‘Don’t Be Wise’ and the delicate ballad ‘As I’m Singing To You’. One instance of brass, one of steel guitar (the country folk ‘I’ve Tried’), plus some touches of organ, bongos and electric guitar in spots, but the focus is primarily Ken and his acoustic guitar in Appalachian Melody fashion. Fine album, beautiful cover, collectible label. Nice name, too.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


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01. Do You Want To Know

02. There’s Only One

03. Angela

04. How Can You Prove

05. Your Love Is So Real

06. There Were Times

07. Don’t Be Wise

08. I’ve Tried

09. Surrender

10. As I Am Singing To You