The Cold Cathedral (FEL 362)  1969


Away back in 1969 celebrated singer, guitarist, songwriter, author, and all-around insightful human being John Fischer not only had hair on his head, but also a completely different sound. To quote the back cover, Fischer’s record is “hard, driving beat, cool reflective guitar and flute, pop sound reminiscent of the ‘20s that is almost ‘camp’, western idiom, and dramatic tone pictures which themselves comment on the text.” It’s a far cry from his more polished Light albums on which you’ll find nothing near the go-go organ pop/beat of ‘Got To Shout About It’. Features twelve of John’s songs, some of the other titles being ‘The Road Of Life’, ‘See The Lilies’, ‘Born To Die’, ‘Look All Around You’ and the convicting ‘Death In The City’, the latter a mysterious haunting ballad. John’s vocals are immediately likable – soft, fragile and sincere on the ballads, relaxed and easygoing on the more upbeat numbers. The music has a good natural vibe featuring a low-key yet proficient arrangement of acoustic guitars, piano, flute, beatiful rhythm section and simple female bgvs (no strings or horns in the picture). A bit harder to find, too, having been released on a small mostly-Catholic label, but seek it out – it’s a folk/pop masterpiece!   (The Archivist, 4th edition  by Ken Scott).


This one was on the Heavenly Grooves Site.


Song #Song TitleTime
1-1The Cold Cathedral2:55
1-2The Road Of Life3:05
1-3See The Lilies3:08
1-4Born To Die2:25
1-5Open Up2:07
1-6Got To Shout About It2:30
2-1Alleluia (Easter Day)2:50
2-2Death In The City2:52
2-3Look All Around You2:25
2-4Hard Feeling To Explain2:20
2-5No Vacancy2:43
2-6The Lord’s Prayer2:32