Just Ask Me  (Joe Beard  AR-3470)  1978?



Not a bad homemade stab at an earthy artful pop style with soft jazz undercurrents.  Closest comparison I could muster up for this singer, songwriter and guitarist would be Judy MacKenzie.  Simple production features at varying times piano, electric piano, synthesizer, flute, trumpet, sax, and Latin percussion.  ‘Oh De De Oh’, ‘Better Things To Do’, ‘His Gift’, ‘What God Thinks Of Christmas’, ‘Times Go By’ and ‘Suffer’ are just some of the titles she’s written here.  Keyboards and arrangements by Joe Beard.  Very custom looking sepia cover photo – the back showes her barefoot and a sleeveless white dress sitting on the ledge of an old building.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).





01. Just Ask Me

02. Suffer

03. Oh we, we oh

04. Better Things To Do

05. Times Go By

06. What God Think Of Christmas

07. His Gift

08. He Is Ever With Me

09. Sunshine When It Rains

10. I Know Jesus