Then I Stood Back (Sharing SC003)  1976  UK *


Davies, Graham - Then I Stood Back

Superb understated folkrock recording from soft-voiced British singer/songwriter. Graham’s songs often coast along to a fast-tempo strum, sometimes accompanied by harmonica (‘The Road Is Hard’, ‘He’s The Way’), other times with fluid electric guitar leads (‘Robert’, ‘What You Did For My Brothers’, ‘You Are The Body Of Christ’ and the rock-and-roller ‘I Look To The Cross’). Some beautiful slower acoustic tracks as well, like ‘God Has Left The Valley’, ‘Where Is Your Faith’, ‘The Waters Of Shiloah’ and ‘But Then I Stood Back’. Light distant behind-the-scenes keyboard activity (synthesizer, organ, piano) and femme backing vocal, along with acoustic guitar, bass and drums. Cool subtle effects on the electric guitars, a couple times with a mild Dire Straits quality. Along with John Wilson’s In The Land Of Brick And Mortar, this is one of the most enjoyable albums on this small UK Christian label.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

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01. Ask And You Will Receive

02. The Road Is Hard

03. God Has Left The Valley

04. I Look To The Cross

05. Robert

06. Life Goes On

07. What You Did For My Brothers

08. Where Is Your Faith

09. He’s The Way

10. The Waters Of Shiloah

11. You Are The Body Of Christ

12. But Then I Stood Back