A Gift Of Love  (Rend  RB-1026-L)  1972?


Good News Circle, The - A Gift Of Love


Unless you’re a sucker for cocktail keyboard lounge/gospel you can probably pass on this custom outing.  Listed here  mainly for their morphing of ‘My Way’ into ‘Thy Way’ which made me smile.  Highball and apology to Frank Sinatra not included.    (The Archivist, 4th edition  by Ken Scott).


Good News Circle - A Gift Of Love (1972) back


Sorry I have not found this one, but thank you Brian for the track list and rear cover photo.



Side 1

1.  New World  2:38
2.  Thy Way     3:42
3.  His Name Is Wonderful  2:07
4.  Hymn  3:02
5.  Medley:  4:23
A.  Meet Jesus Bear the Cross Alone
B.  Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
C.  Amazing Grace

Side 2

1.  All My Life  3:01
2.  He Touched Me  2:17
3.  Put Your Hand In the Hand  2:42
4.  No Greater Love  3:03
5.  A Gift Of Love     2:40