History Of Love  (Profile  GMOR 142)  1977  UK *


Gill, Colin & Desmond - History Of Love


This pre-dates Refreshment with pretty much the same folk sound, including gentle electric leads (although minus the snazzy effects).  Still very much a charmer.  ‘All Because Of Jesus’, ‘Real To Me’, ‘Guidance’, ‘I Will Rise’, ‘Tears & Fears’.  Says on The back that they had a couple of earlier cassette releases.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

Has anyone found either of the cassettes mentioned in Ken’s review?  diakoneo





Sorry I have not acquired this album yet, thank you Donald for the track list and back cover.


Side 1
1. All Because Of Jesus
2. Trust In Me
3. History Of Love
4. Yes Lord
5. Jesus Loves You

Side 2
1. Real To Me
2. I Will Rise
3. Guidance
4. Tears & Fears
5. Obedience