After the Rain (Holy Kiss  HK-06)  1976

With production comparable to most Christian labels, After The Rain introduced the new and improved Daybreak. Of immediate notice are the deeper more polished harmonies and background vocals. But the style is completely different as well. ‘Who’s Fool Are You?’ shows surprising guitar crunch (“I’m a fool for Christ’s sake, who’s fool are you?”), as do ‘Lord Forgive Me’ and ‘Back On The Road’. Everything is within a safe cheerful rural rocking mindset – nothing too radical, but it’s definitely a rock album and a decent one at that. The ballads also seem to fit properly into their pastoral style without becoming smarmy. All originals except for a cover of ‘Movin’ On’ from fellow Pennsylvanians Zechariah. Mike Johnson appears on bass, lead guitar and piano. The album is dedicated to the memory of the previous drummer Ray Sauder (also author of the title track) who drowned in 1975. Pressings also exist on the custom Daybreak Records label (CS 8272).    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

This one was on the Heavenly Grooves blog.



01. Summer Sun

02. And I Love You

03. He May Be Coming Soon

04. Movin’ On

05. After The Rain

06. Free In You

07. Send Me Your Rain

08. Lord Forgive Me

09. Back On The Road

10. Summer Sun (Reprise)