Sing A New Song (RSR 672)  1975?


Cary, Carl & Mike - Sing A New Song

Respectable homemade album of jangly feel-good out-in-the-country acoustic rock. Twelve songs written and performed by Cary Grubbs (guitar), Carl Imes (guitar) and Mike Joiner (electric bass), each clad in a different color plaid flannel shirt, sleeves rolled up, jeans, seated on the steps of some ancient log cabin. Pleasant acoustic guitar interplay and soloing as well as a nice overall relaxed atmosphere, like a stripped-down version of The Way or The Pat Terry Group. Also some stirring moody songs with a solemn, melancholy or loner presence, sometimes drawing near the style of the respected Listen lp. ‘Our Introduction’, ‘Going To Church’, ‘Invitation’, ‘Take Me Down’, ‘If You Don’t Have Love’ and ‘He’s The Only Way’ are some of the titles. Recorded in North Carolina.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

Thanks Donald for the cover photo.

This one was on the Heavenly Grooves blog.



01. Sing A New Song & Praise His Name

02. Our Introduction

03. Going To Church

04. Don’t You Know

05. I Know Why

06. Invitation

07. All The Way

08. Trust In Him

09. Take Me Down

10. If You Don’t Have Love

11. He’s The Only Way

12. Let It Shine