Wood Between The Worlds  (Myrrh  MSB-6608)  1978




Wood Between The Worlds presents ten new Ayala-penned songs in a soft-to-medium rock/ccm format similar to Joy By Surprise.  Not overly smooth thankfully, even with the periodic string and brass orchestration.  ‘Babylon’ has an interesting minor-key Middle Eastern vibe as it makes use of a dulcimer-like instrument called a santour.  Other titles include ‘Empty Cup’, ‘That Hideous Strength’, Red Letter Edition’ and Tammuz Celebration’.  Band members include Don Gerber, Al Perkins, Tom Keene and others.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).





01. Empty Cup

02. That Hideous Strength

03. Nicodemus

04. Red Letter Edition

05. Babylon

06. Tammuz Celebration

07. I Need Love

08. Pamela

09. Born on Easter Morning

10. Medley – Prelude to Flight-Wood Between the Worlds