Lamplighter  (Grapevine  GRV 135) 1980  UK *


Shiers, Alan - Lamplighter



Allan’s folk roots are scarcely noticeable on this later soft rock and ballads release.  Actually a fairly pleasant little record, typical of the gentler style found in the later Grapevine catalog.  Fuller musical arrangements surrounding Allan’s fragile vocals, including laid-back string and brass accompaniment, attractive m/f background harmonies, electric piano, Mo Witham on electric guitar, and Allan on acoustic guitar.  Some similarities to Larry Norman’s mellow pop ballads.  Produced by John Pac and Suzy Mack.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

This is the second listing for this album as the first in the 3rd Edition did not have it’s own review.  diakoneo






01. Lift Me Higher

02. Lamplighter

03. A Love Song

04. Never Again

05. Love Is

06. Sarah

07. Save Me (I’m Falling)

08. Not For Sale

09. Underneath It All

10. You Make All Things New

11. Sail Away