Yves Cloutier And Richard Taupin (Trans-World International TI-6024) 1975 Canada *








Delightful French-Canadian dreamy artistic progressive folk masterpiece from two long-haired guys singing in French about “Jesus-Christ Notre-Seigneur”.  Subtle soft-psych touches here and there from organ, synth and mysterious background harmonies, particularly beautiful on the brisk minor-key ‘Les Trois Freres’ (‘The Three Brothers’).  ‘La Moisson’ (‘The Harvest’) is a lovely instrumental where mandolin, harmonica and what sounds like a didgeridoo dance to a bright spirited folksy melody.  Other instruments include flute, recorder, dulcimer and of course acoustic guitar.  Gentle electric guitar backing on ‘Le Chemin, La Verite, La Vie’ (‘The Way, The Truth, The Life’) and ‘Merci Seigneur’ (‘Thank You Lord’).  Covers of ‘Pelerinage’ (‘Pilgrimage’, aka ‘Wayfaring Stranger’), Peter Paul & Mary’s ‘Mon Vrai Destin’ (‘My True Fate’) and a traditional folk song called ‘Isabeau’.  Pink-bordered gate-fold cover with photo of Yves and Richard playing mandolin and guitar out in a field.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

Yves Cloutier - Yves (In Lt)

Yves Cloutier - Yves (In Rt)


This one was on the Heavenly Grooves blog.  Thank you Donald for the inside gate-fold cover photos.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Emile D'amour2:52
1-2Les Trois Freres1:56
1-4Mon Vrai Destin2:12
1-5La Moisson5:15
2-1Le Chemin, La Verite, La Vie4:18
2-2Il Etait Une Fois1:40
2-3La Rose Et Le Souffle3:20
2-5Merci Seigneur2:45