Feelin’ Good Feelin’ Free (Rainbow Sound  R-2187-LPS) 1979?


Gee – an album on Rainbow Sound that you can actually keep! Most everything on the label seems to be in the adult contemporary gospel category – and looking at the cover of this one you’d probably assume more of the same. But surprisingly on a good half the tracks here the trio of Chip, Lynee and Rick can transport you to rural folkrock heaven. Side one is fairly mellow, from piano ballads to folky soft rock, with one lively Eternity Express-like rocker in the middle (‘I’ll See Jesus’) featuring a cool fuzz lead. Side two opens in gentle Suncast fashion with ‘Skies And Rainbows’, but it’s the remaining three tracks where these folks really shine. ‘I’m So Happy’ has a brisk Pat Terry Group jangle to it plus a quirky little synth riff. The fuzz returns for the final two songs: ‘Until You Find The Lord’ has the feel of early Maranatha bands like Blessed Hope, The Way or Country Faith, while the hard-rocking ‘Jesus’ positively explodes with a throbbing bass line and some wild spacey percussive effects. Overall enough good material to certainly make the album worthwhile. Chip and Rick continued to record on into the ‘80s as Stalnecker. Chip also recorded a solo lp Sonshine (see entry).       (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

Young Stalneckers-back


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01. A Friend Like Mine

02. Feelin’ Good Feelin’ Free

03. I’ll See Jesus

04. He Gave It To Me

05. Long Way To Home

06. Skies And Rainbows

07. I’m So Happy

08. Until You Find The Lord

09. Jesus