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Usually when I see a group advertised as a “garage band” I anticipate a real low-budget muffled sound, like it was recorded deep in the bowels of some submarine or something. While this British trio’s obscure (only 500 made) lp probably didn’t have a big budget, and while they’re clearly amateurs, I’m pleased to say that there are no production snafus here. Yes, this is garage rock, folks! – with trashy raw guitars shining in the forefront. Not a keyboard lick on here. Some late-’60s psychedelic effects make it sound about 8 years earlier. Some long progressive songs – not the kind of thing that goes through your head all day. Some straight-ahead grungy rock and roll. They stumble to stay in sync occasionally, but given the crudeness of the project that just makes it all the more fun! Royally British sounding, too. Intriguing song titles like ‘Victim Of Today’, ‘The Name Behind The Face’, ‘Epitaph To Icarus’, ‘Warning Lights’, ‘Stormy Night’ and ‘T. H. Take 3’. “It may have happened far away in a distant land so many years ago; but in three short days the world was shaken, and the curtain of our history torn in two.” Three long-hairs for Jesus whose opus is well worth seeking out.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

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Trinity House - Flashback (Bck)








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Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Victims Of Today
1-2A Child Is Born Pt. 1
1-3A Child Is Born Pt. 2
1-4The Name Behind The Face
1-5Epitaph To Icarus
2-1Warning Lights
2-2More Than A Word
2-3Stormy Night
2-4Free To Live
2-5The Take 3