Before the Lord (Adriel   MK 494)  1974



 Before The Lord (Adriel)

Before The Lord (Sonburst)

Shiloh is the duo of Mike Kelley and Dennis MacIntosh. Before The Lord has a refreshingly simple unencumbered format that avoids the clutter of numerous musicians. Most of the time the only folks backing the duo’s acoustic guitars are Rich Martin (bass and additional guitar) and Rosemary Kelley (vocal harmony), allowing the harmonies and acoustic guitar work to take prominence. Sneaking in occasionally are piano, percussion, harmonica, and violin. The typical Shiloh song is a country-flavored acoustic finger-picked tune with a somewhat sad quality and quiet yet urgent pleading vocals. ‘Touch Me’ and ‘Song To God’ reflect their somber trademark ballads style, but the guys sound just as much at home on laidback rural strollers (‘Hallelujah’, ‘Jesus Is Coming Again’), as well as the more upbeat ‘Jesus Never Fails’ and ‘He Treats Me Good’. Mostly an acoustic emphasis, although some electric guitar turns up in spots. The original Adriel press has a tan border around the cover photo, while the 1976 Sonburst issue (SBR 101) has a black border and different graphics.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

Shiloh - Before (Ad Bck)















Shiloh - Before Sonburst (Bck 2)





This one was on the Heavenly Grooves blog.  Thank you Donald for the rear covers.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1This Man Jesus4:00
1-2New Life2:53
1-3I Know You Lord5:11
1-4Jesus Never Fails3:03
1-5Touch Me4:28
2-2A New Day5:13
2-3He Treats Me Good2:18
2-4Song To God5:30
2-5Jesus Is Coming Again4:10