Timetable (Shekinah  S-101)  1978?









Shekinah - Timetable








This Reidsville, North Carolina group has a soul tinged light rock style that benefits from a heavy soaking in mellotron.  Most of the songs on their custom lp progress slowly while backed by lush instrumentation (mainly mellotron) and soulful male lead vocals.  Additional instruments include acoustic guitar, piano, harpsichord, Arp synthesizer, electric bass and drums (I think I hear an organ  and clarinet in there as well).  A couple upbeat songs – ‘He Found Jesus’ and ‘He Makes  Me Happy’ – the latter suggesting a Chicago or Blood, Sweat & Tears without the horns.  Tempo changes and even an energetic drum solo can be found on ‘Open The Door’.  Nice drumming and dramatic buildup on the closing power ballad ‘The Feeling’s Gone’.  A handful of weaker cuts are bogged down by gospel or country influences, but overall a satisfying record.  Guitarist Barry McGee and Jeff Duffield have also done solo projects.       (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).















Sorry I have not found this album at this time,  I found track list at this site.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-2He Makes Me Happy3:32
1-3More Than You'll Ever Know3:35
1-4He Found Jesus3:03
2-1Speak to Me4:26
2-2The Hatchet Song2:20
2-3Open the Door3:36
2-4The Feeling's Gone4:10